The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


In Jesus' time, and ever since - people have been waiting for 'Heaven on Earth'; whereas it is obvious to the opened-eyed that this is an evil world of death, decay and destruction.

We are living in a deception from a point of view that good triumphs over evil. We are constantly being led to believe that mankind can build a paradise here on earth: but what we have here is 'evil on a natural level', 'evil on a human level', and 'evil on a supernatural level', EVIL is not just present in this world, it is pervasive.

This world is based upon a design where 'evil' is naturally present everywhere and it's inhabited by people who are evil, many to the core, morally. ALL these immoral beings trying to survive in a fallen state, colliding with each other in malfunctioning ways, usually escalating into wars which manifest the greatest evil in this world of Satan's.

Here in this world Satan is Lord and Ruler, the great deceiver who deceives the whole world including his own elect. The devil, Satan, is just as real as Jesus, you and I, and God. Jesus came to reveal Satan and his evil world which holds us captive. Jesus brought the knowledge of and showed us proof-positive that Satan is the god of this evil world: walking about seeking whom he may devour (1Peter 5:8). In fact, Jesus authenticates Satan and his evil creation. Jesus talks about and teaches us of Satan, devils, demons and this evil creation more than all "The Others" in the Bible put together.

Do you not see and have you not experienced that life here in the flesh is pain and suffering? "For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travails in pain together." (Romans 8:22)

We are the "dead" who read books hoping to find the secret to eternal life, and yet what it is we hope to find, it never becomes apparent to us that Life is eternal - just not in the flesh. The whole experience is like some kind of game - just follow the rules. The shear scale of evil in this world can be difficult to fathom let alone understand (2Corinthians 4:4).

Satan has a vast kingdom of evil both here in this world and on the otherside of the veil. Evil beings are crawling all over this world, seen and unseen, and the people need to become aware of this constant evil presence in their lives and the lives of those around them. Many times we have watched ourselves acting under their influences and thought to ourself, "Why'd I do That? or say that? or think that?" We were under the influence of an unknown delivish force, and we didn't even realize it, as it faded from our consciousness.

The time has come to re-learn of this evil world and its ruler who has been holding us in chains of darkness (ignorance). This dangerous and abusive world has been designed to make us carnal, sensual and mischievious. The devil does everything he can to cause us to live immorally. The devil deceives us in relationships, marriage, finances, in our home life, etc., he does everything in his power to steal peace from our lives. He never gives up as long as we are inside his creation. He will keep attacking us every way he can until we bow to his will. He is relentless and we are kept imprisoned only by a lack of knowledge and the proper understanding thereof. Satan and his fallen angels torture and torment any who seek God and his righteousness.

Satan's power is an intelligent, organized, planned-out scheme to condition us to eventually worship him: remember how he offered Jesus the "whole world" and everything herein if Jesus would bow down and worship him. Through stealth and cunning, Satan rules this creation of his.

The human is an animal, a type of primate, a sentient creation with a soul inside that can drive a car for several miles while you daydream. And just as you are capable of inhabiting this human form, so can other spirits come and go and even posess the same human form as you; partially or totally. As a matter of fact, reading Mark 5:13 we find that there were 2,000 spirits possessing just one man. How many could be around and/or inside each one of us? - AND those around us?

There are many evil beings, legions upon legions, higher and lower beings of knowledge that can 'tune into' our thoughts, like attracting like, and subtely bring us under their influence if not full control - simply by the fact that we don't know how they are doing it, let alone believe that evil spirits exist.

Evil spirits dwell all around the earth both carnate and incarnate where they afflict, oppress, attack, do battle, destroy, cause trouble and mischief; they work death and destruction on the earth. There is a force of demonic beings who are older than this creation. They are spiritual entities who by disposition and nature are corrupt; they are evil spirits; they are liars and deceivers making the whole world wicked (1John 5:19).

Evil spirits are operating in you, through you, and likewise in those around you. They are directing our impulses and desires - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They are subtle, powerful, dominating forces in us, outside of us, and in those around us; evil is everywhere, in everyone, systemic evil out of control.

Devils, demons and other evil entities habitually gain access to our human personality through various forms of vanity, greed, lust, anger and attachments to the things of this world! We are continually generating 'thought forms' that light-up the atmosphere (aura) around us, inviting these evil spirits: and any delibert act of wrong doing opens wide the doorway for demons to enter. (Demons have a rank or power whereby higher level demons rule over people in high places, especially where God is not worshipped.

By allowing evil thoughts to enter and linger in our minds, we are providing an affinity conduit for evil spirits to enter in and then using the power of the soul's immagination, manifest those evil thoughts into actions; reading Ephesians 6:12 in part, "We wrestle against the rulers, the authorities and the powers of darkness, against spiritual forces of evil."

We must constantly stand on guard to discover if what is being presented to us is of God and his righteousness of Heaven, or is it of this evil world and the temptations of the devil? Do not be deceived, you are either forming the habit of resisting the devil and living righteously, or you are of the habit of giving into temptation and unrighteousness (sin)? The 'acid test' is simple; you are acting of the ways of this evil world or the righteous ways of heaven as demonstrated by Jesus.

You are not what you think you are. You are experiencing a world shaped by conditioning: identity, beliefs, habits, routines, traditions, customs, superstitions, etc., a world which has been shaped by the contents of your own memories, stored in the subconscious we call soul. You do not know of the soul, you believe it to be you, and so you do not control your soul, thus leaving it available for others, both carnate and incarnate to influence or even control you because "they" know of the soul and how it operates.

The time has come to re-learn of the Prince of Darkness, his evil world and his soul within. Come; learn what the devil has connected to you to bring you to him. Herein is the veil rent and the evil god of this world revealed: and ye shall bare witness because you are from above. Come; bare witness that this world is evil, ruled by the wicked one Satan, who tempts and controls us through his connected soul of good and evil. This soul remains connected to us at all times while we are inside his creation down here in the Pit. We have been unjustly locked up in this prison and condemned to reason in this virtual field generator of fluid energy by the evil one, Satan, until we worship him.

We are caught "in the snare of the devil". We have been "taken captive" and we are doing "his will" (2Timothy 2:26). The whole world is under the sway of the wicked one and, we definitately don't know it. We have gone astray once again, giving heed to seducing spirits and the doctrines of devils, deceitful workers pretending to be ministers of the Gospel, pretending righteousness only to hold us in bondage; and in meekness we are instructed on how to oppose ourselves. Satan blinds us and deceives us, holding us captive until we surrender to his will.

What new doctrine is this? Satan's world? Unclean spirits falling down before Jesus and crying aloud, "Thou art the son of God"; People psooessed by demons and devils; Casting out demons and devils; suffering devils not to speak; WHAT? - the devils knew Jesus when the people did not? Jesus taught in all of Galilee, casting out devils by the 1,000's? Demons have the ability to inflict physical disibilities (Mark 9:17-26) . . .

WAIT! - the unclean spirits can recognize and know Jesus as the son of God, but we can't?(Mark 3:11,12) We have been played the fool; we have erred exceedingly, saying in our hearts, "There is no God"; even the devils believe in God   AND TREMBLE (James 2:19).

Evil did not begin with God, and certainly not with man. Evil began in Heaven with the one-third angels led by Satan, and it continues down here in the Pit. We were cast out of Heaven by God for our rebellion against our brothers and sisters, and only God can reinstate us back into Heaven. (That means you can't do it yourself; if you could, you wouldn't be here would you?

Jesus came to reveal the true reality of who we are, where we are, and what is going on. Jesus came down from Heaven, send by God, to unmask the unseen reality of this evil world and to demonstrate God's power over Satan and his demonic hoard. The devil tempted and persecuted Jesus from the craddle to the grave. Satan tried to murder Jesus all the days of his life, but could not because of who Jesus is. While, Satan did not stop for a moment, he had to wait until the 'last supper' when Jesus GAVE Satan permission to murder him. Why is it reading we cannot understand? - and Satan entered into Judas . . .

Look around, listen, this world still hates Jesus because he testifies that "the worksnthereof are evil". If anyone will do God's Will, you will know this doctrine.

Our souls have become the habitation of unclean hateful devils, of every foul spirit; we have committed fornication with the soul, partaking in her sinful desires while reaping the plagues of those desires: and the sin merchants in our souls have waxed rich through the abundance of our sins. The devil tempts and persecutes each one of us from the craddle to the grave, each one of us according to the degree of our righteousness. (Romans 8:3)

This is Satan's world and it is literally a death star, a kingdom of death, disease and destruction; the dead eating death. Invisible, Satan rules this world from the spiritual side. The devil works in and throughout his creation, including the soul that is within and connected to us. He uses the contents of the soul to reward or punish. He can put suggestions, ideas, fantasies, desires and so on and so forth into our minds through the contents of our souls, creating desires, habits and addictions for our attention to follow after. Satan, and those in the know, can connect with our soul within and then influence us however needed.

We need to learn the wiles of the devil; how Satan can send us evil thoughts, suggestions and temptations. We need to learn of his tactics and schemes: he can direct our soul to lie in a split second ahead of what we know to be the right answer. We need to practise "watching for" the thoughts and feelings rising up into our minds from the soul below. We need to become the witness of these influences and stop being the effect of these thoughts from the soul. As we learn to watch for and catch the thoughts and feelings rising up from the soul below, we become the 'master' of the soul and stop being its' effect/. Become as wise as those Serpents, but remain as harmless as Jesus.

Our minds are constantly open to the spirit world via the soul, and in one way or another we are being influenced if not controlled by one or more spirit beings: they are around us 24/7. These demons are countless, innumerable, they are all defiled, some more wicked than others; that's why they are here. Being incorporeal, evil spirits still have their earthly passions, desires & addictions, and to express them they do so by possessing living organisms, human or animal (Mark 5:11-13). To fulfill their desires, demons come and go at will as the human form allows them to enter through the soul and partake in or execute their behaviour according to your soul's stored thoughts and feelings.

Treat your soul's thoughts and feelings exactly for what they are - someonelse's thoughts & feelings - and edit them for unrighteousness. If you can master this skill of awareness and detachment from your soul, you will cease to be identified with the mental/emotional complexes of good & evil which are stored in your soul. You will stop eating from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil, the soul: the storehouse of all information, with the brain of imagination. And so, evil is a part of every man, woman and child, "none are good" because we all have a soul connected to us. The task at hand then is to 'know & control that soul'.

We need to cast aside any notion, idea or imagination that is contrary to the revelations of God and bring to mind the teachings of Jesus. God's words are the true power, they are the tiny mustard seeds which germinate in the soul, rearranging 'things', and grow into our mind, taking us on a journey into self-realization, enlightenment, and knowing God.

By learning, applying, doing, changing and becoming - proclaiming the Gospel, we are resurrected out of this evil world by God. Through Jesus, God has enacted his redemption strategy. It was Jesus who freed the first of us by bringing to our rememberance the truth about who we are, where we are, why we are here, and how we can return back home to Life in Heaven.

Jesus tells us plainly in John 10:27-29, "My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me and no man can pluck them from my hand. My Father gave them to me and HE is greater than all."

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of Life - who spared the angels who sinned, casting us down to the side of the Bottomless Pit, delivering us into this hell to work out our own salvation. Then, through Jesus, God inacted his redemption strategy and Jesus came to destroy the deceptions of the devil and his followers, very harmful beings, who are all "scared to death" of Jesus for they know, "Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." Jesus is the ultimate power in any world, he is the King who rules over ALL. "If devils can be cast out of you, then the Kingdom of God has come unto you." (Luke 11:20)

Understand the teachings of Jesus and you will love Life and hate this evil world. Faith comes from knowledge, works come from the proper understanding of that knowledge, and love comes from the 'experience' of both: the Kingdom of Heaven comes to such a person.

You can only 'experience' the things written herein by seeking and becoming a disciple of Jesus. Jesus is the cornerstone of the Church of God - the Family of God, and the Apostles are the foundation, to which seekers are added daily, the whole structure built firmly upon the unshifting Rock of Revelation.

Bring this good news, this Gospel of Life, to all nations, for this is the Will of God - that ALL shall be redeemed and returned to the Kingdom of God in Heaven.