The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."

ESOTERIC SECRET APPLIED . . . . . . .LISTEN & WATCH - or READ down below.

Most people try something once or twice and if they don't get the results 'they expect', they drop it and move on. Therefore we provide you with a physical-spiritual means of generating experiences to provide evidence of an awareness - the YOU within - and that something else is in there with you.

DO NOT read the 'Experiences' section until after you have performed all the 'Demonstrations'. You may want someone to read each of the six (6) Demonstrations to you . . . then read to them and see their experiences.

Sit down and get comfortable - relax - close your eyes and don't move any part of your body at any time during a demonstration. (Spend 20-30 seconds with each Demonstration.)

  1. "feel" the air on your face. Feel the air all over the different parts of your face.

  2. "feel" the touch of your clothes on your body: again don't move your hands or any part of your body, just feel your clothes on the different parts of your body.

  3. "feel" the inside of your mouth - don't move your tongue - feel your gums, teeth, the texture, even the weight.

  4. now be aware of the temperature of your body; notice the different temperatures throughout your body.

  5. "feel" the inside palms of your hands; don't move anything just feel all over.

  6. Now "feel" and be aware of the skin on your ears, feel the skin all over your ears.


  1. you have never seen your face; at best you saw a photo or your reflection, and yet you saw your face while feeling the air on it.

  2. feeling the clothes on your body likewise generated an image of your body, lower legs and then upwards, for YOU the awareness within to see.

  3. something generated an image of the inside of your mouth, another place you cannot see and yet you saw the inside of your mouth.

  4. again you saw your body with the awareness, when something generated the imagery within for you to 'see'.

  5. you saw in your mind's eye the palms of your hands and maybe even your forearms.

  6. notice how at first you were looking at the side and the back of your head and then, as you watched, your attention shifted and the experience was like you were looking down on your head from behind - Congratulations! - that was a physical-spiritual out of body experience where you slipped out the twelfth gate and saw from the spiritual into the physical.

    1. You have just experienced the application of the Esoteric Secret whereby an image was used to connect the attention within to an existing physical reality. The experiences were easily attainable because we were using life-long imagery of great familiarity which you believe to be true.

      [Side: How much talk happened during these six Demonstrations? Did you notice the 'sound' of the inner voice that spoke to you? This is how you talk to yourself - how thoughts arise.] Maybe, what we are thinking and doing may be the result of what's going on behind the scenes by something else.

      Now are you ready to begin your spiritual-physical experiences of the worlds within - and beyond! Remember: it may not be fast or easily attainable; it's most likely all new to you. It may happen fast and then not again for a long time. It may not happen fast but take weeks or months - but it will happen: Desire & Effort are the 'keys' to success, where Desire means - What do you want this Esoteric Knowledge for? - To help your fellow man? - OR?