The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."

"The Mountain of Light

The Heavenly City of Sahasra dal-Kamwal.

The Upper Astral, one of 6 realms of consciousness inside the Trap, manifests as a mountain sitting on top of an island.

This Upper Astral realm is literally a 'Mountain of Light' and is referred to as the City called Sahasra dal-Kamwal in the literature. The LORD of this realm is called Kal Niranjan, a manifestation of Satnam (Satan). Basically when you see this holographic Mountain of Light, anything light can do is happening somewhere on the Mountain: radiating, shinning, glowing, twinkling, sparkling, dimming, blinking, pulsing, flashing, flowing and rolling.

Upon learning the technique of how to go within and connect to the Upper Astral, you will see the Mountain of Light appear before you: just as shown in the drawing above. At first the spectacular beauty captures your attention, suddenly a great wave of Love comes over you, a Love like you have never experienced before; a Love so powerful that earthly words cannot convey the experience; it's a Love way beyond whatever you can imagine . . . until you realize you are experiencing powerful waves of kundalini energy stimulating (spinning) your heart-emotional center, unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Yes the Upper Astral manifests as a 'living' Mountain of Light and Love, the Kingdom of Light, a pseudo-Heaven. To the in-experienced you can't imagine anything being more grandios than this: beauty and love beyond anyone's perception. The Upper Astral is so magnificent that one wishes to remain there forever (3,000 years or more). Unfortunately it is just another part of the deception being use to hold us here inside the Trap. "Great is LORD God, to be praised in the City, in the Mountain of his holiness." (Psalms 48:1)

As the physical consciousness begins seeking something more to life by going within, one first experiences the Lower Astral, which interpenetrates the physical, are one's first experiences with the soul: our spiritual experiences turns our awareness from being totally out-ward focused, to going within and connecting to the other holographic realms of consciousness inside the Trap. [SIDE: an Astral consciousness draws one to the Astral realms at the time of death, just as a purely physical consciousness keeps us earth bound. Your attachment to, draws you to, after death.] Unfortunately, people with only a physical consciousness are so attached to the physical that even if they wanted to go within, they "fear" the unknown because of their purely earthly experiences.

Everyone is endowed with inner vision: like when you awake inside the dream. Now you need to learn how to consciously connect and see into the unseen realms of unimaginable light, beauty and love; where earthly words become lost in awe, wonder and amazement.

Come; learn of the real Jesus instead of the man-made one. Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God which is in man. Jesus is recorded as "going up into a mountain", "taking his disciples up into a mountain", "angels carrying away to a great and high mountain" (Rev 21:10,27), "up to the mountain of God" (Isa 2:3), "caught up into paradise" (2Cor 12:4) and many other references in the Bible.

Herein you are presented with an opportunity to have your own personal; experiences of what exists beyond the physical: what your possibilities are after death. This is the Path of personal experience with the spiritual, while still in the body. A man may believe the teachings of any religion, fill his head with all the sacred books, and baptize himself in all the rivers on earth, but if he has no personal experiences of spirituality, he has wasted his time and gained nothing - he has 'missed the mark'. It is the spiritual experiences which result in the transformation from a physical consciousness into a spiritual-physical consciousness.

Challenge everything. Accept nothing without your own personal verification of going within to see for yourself. We must go within to connect to and access the spiritual realms of consciousness; it is a genuine observation of another realm of form inside the Trap. No information of the reality can be fully understood unless it can be 'verified' by one's own personal experience.

The realms within are accessed by disconnecting our attention from the physical and connecting to the spiritual realms within: by using the energy of the imagination to illuminate the stored image of the Upper Astral Mountain of Light in our mind and using the Esoteric secret of 'Pretending" to visit the realms and the worlds within those realms. [SIDE: within each of the six realms of form there are numerous subdivisions with zones and subzones, regions upon regions, planes upon planes, each differing from the others, a gigantic maze, a labyrinth inside each holographic Mountain.]

The drawing of the Mountain of Light is used as a visual aid, in your mind, to connect to and experience the Upper Astral, its scenery, inhabitants and associated phenomena. On the Upper Astral you can visit any religious or spiritual hierarchy of the earth: for example, reading Matthew 4:8 or Luke 4:5, 'the devil takes Jesus up into an exceedingly high mountain and showed him ALL the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time'. And likewise reading in Matthew 17:1-4, "after six days Jesus takes Peter, James and John, and brought them up into a high mountain and was transfigured before them; and there appeared unto them Moses and Elias" (two long since dead prophets).

To travel within to any of the realms of form you need to 'picture' in your mind's eye the realm you want to visit and then 'pretend' to move towards the Mountain, to actually 'fly' right into the center of the Mountain to access the realm. (As you visit various places within the realm, you can then use that imagery to move instantly there.)

To the in-experienced the Upper Astral is the best; how could there be any place better. The inhabitants appear to be in joy and bliss: they are absorbed in the Astral play just as they were absorbed in the Physical play here. However, it too is temporal and fades with time and the question resurfaces - "There must be more to Astral life than this?   [SIDE: inside the Trap its all mental; a perpetual state of holographic virtual reality hallucinations, designed to hold us here in the Trap.]


  1. Find a time and a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.
  2. Sit down in a comfortable position such that you can relax your body from head to toe.
  3. Now if you want a question answered, now is the time to formulate the question and ask it in your mind.
  4. As clearly as you can, call up the image of the drawing above in the front of your mind and hold it there.
  5. As the image appears in your mind, PRETEND to fly into the center of the Mountain and let the experience unfold naturally

NOTE: Trying to force and analyze anything will keep you in the body, or, send you back into the body instantly. You must learn again how to Pretend as a 'little child' to the exclusion of everything around you; like watching TV so intensely that you didn't notice anyone enter the room or hear them speak to you. Focused without thought.

The success of the technique depends upon your ability to "pretend" and nothing else. You have to pretend to see the image in your mind. Then you have to pretend to move into the image. Then you have to pretend what is happening. You have to do this without thinking; just let things develop; go with the flow. Just pretend like the little child does with their imaginary friend with them; talking, listening and acting out with their imaginary friend. The child doesn't question or wonder about their imaginary friend, the friend is just there and playing along with them. If you are startled or frightened by what you experience then just like the dream state you will come out of it. If you are questioning, thinking about, analyzing or wondering why nothing is happening, you will never get anywhere.

The more often you practice the technique the sooner you will get results; including the lucid experience. Those with less analytical minds will find it easier; children can do it naturally.

Don't have any expectations about what you should or shouldn't be experiencing, after all, why would you have any expectations, you've never done this before so how could you expect anything? Don't even consider, "am I there yet?", just go and do it without any thought. Don't be concerned about how the technique works just know that it does work and do it! Just be there like the little child pretending in the moment and not thinking about whether it's real or not but just making it happen by pretending. Just be like the little child. Just one thought and your instantly back in the head. Keep thinking, instead of pretending and doing, and you'll never get anywhere.

When you're finished just open your eyes. Above all don't be concerned if you are not having lucid visuals like in the white light of the dream state; the lucid visual is the exception and not the norm. Most people just see it happening in the twilight state as they are unable to fully penetrate the dark void. You see like you would if you walked around your home at night with all the lights off. "Seeing" the beauty and wonder is not as important as learning about the soul and how it operates! You are 'seeking' knowledge , not visuals.