The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."

ESOTERIC SECRET . . . . . . .LISTEN & WATCH - or READ down below.

We are viewing a world through a human being, that has a soul just like any other beast of the field, experiencing our self as an awareness that is "identified" with something that is not us. Most people's state of awareness is purely physical. Constantly thinking about past events, or what they have to do tomorrow, there are no other experiences but physical, and so all they have is a purely physical awareness. (1Cor 2:14)

Without "spiritual experience" it's just a mental concept; all one has is second-hand information, hearsay and book-knowledge (2Tim 3:7): mental/emotional hallucinations generated from the reading of and listening to "other people" . . . . . . . THEN, from, according to, and in proportion to one's previous stored second-hand information, one 'believes' s-he knows the truth, without any personal, direct, first-hand "experience" (knowledge). [Side: at best we experience some sort of 'physical phenomena' and "believe" it to be a "sign" (superstition), something spiritual, when in fact it's just another physical experience, generating a fantastic believable hallucination of spirituality.] (Hebrews 11:3)

And so it goes, the only miracle of worth is "experience" which transforms our awareness from a physical only consciousness (where we read and know; and wonder why we don't have any spiritual experiences like 'those' people.), to a physical-religious or physical-spiritual consciousness of hearsay and book-knowledge, to a spiritual-physical consciousness (remembrance) in preparation for Life after the physical.

It is the awareness, the viewer, that must have the 'spiritual' experiences to bring about the changes of transformation. Direct, first-hand experience is the only way which leads to self-realization and God "knowing".

The truths we have held onto our whole life, start to change as we begin going within. Remember what the 'first' thing Jesus said to DO? "Seek ye first the kingdom of God"; and where does Jesus say the kingdom of God is to be found? - not outwards in the physical world, but "the kingdom of God is Within". (Luke 17:21)

The soul is the "looking glass" into which the awareness can see "within", and virtually visit anywhere in the Creation - and beyond: it's a virtual reality generator that can connect our awareness to anywhere in the macrocosm. The "technique" of going within uses soul's power of imagination to view and virtually access the macrocosm from inside soul. [Side: the person who can relax into an innocent child-like wonderment, without any perceptual expectations (even those of prior experiences) is the one whom has the spiritual experience.]

Inside the soul there is a holographic connection to the macrocosm whereby going within "connect" the awareness to the unseen, whereby we can virtually observe, and visit, any of the six worlds of form inside the Trap, or visit outside the Trap in the Bottomless Pit, even back to the side of the Pit and one's black silhouette body, or even back Home to other earth and Life in heaven where our real body stands frozen on the sea of glass before the Throne of God - and more . . . . . . .

Through the use of soul's imaginative faculty, one is able to go within and have direct experiences of Life beyond the physical, before death.

Pretending is the esoteric secret of "how-to", to go within by using soul's power of imagination, to virtually access anywhere in the macrocosm. (Luke 2:26 &nJohn 14:26)

By using the imaginative power of the soul, one creates a 'destination' in the spiritual worlds of form, or beyond, by "pretending", whereby the law of attraction connects our awareness to the mocked-up destination within. [Side: the same technique is used after death to move from world to world, and from realm to realm within each world.]

Pretending, the mock-up of imagery, provides the energy of attraction which connects our awareness to the desired destination within: much like the dream state where we "see" and then enter into the scene taking place. Once we "connect" to the macrocosm from inside the soul, it's like a holographic experience. [Side: spirituality is a geographical electronic state.]

The soul is the looking glass within. You can learn how-to see into that looking glass and connect virtually to the reality anywhere in Creation. However, unlike the dream state, you are in control of your destination.

When one goes within, the 'conscious experience' becomes spiritually connected to our awareness, such that, in times of doubt, "we know" we experienced something beyond the physician - and that!  can never be taken away. And so it goes, the only miracles of worth are "spiritual experiences", which brings to remembrance of the awareness, via awareness going within and experiencing the spirituality beyond the physical reality. (Hebrews 11:6 & John 14:26)

NOTE: It is the soul's imagination that "binds" us to any world, for example; only viewing physical life on a daily basis, mulling over everything from every angle, being 'only human', binds one to this physical world, after all, if the physical is all you know,   Where can you go?   How do you get there?   (Hebrews 10:32)