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End Time.

The good seed and the tares have been left to grow together until now, the End Time.

Herein have Jesus' teachings been brought together, and the tares removed. The enemy that sowed the tares is the devil, the heart, the soul of man.

If you cannot understand, it is because your heart's contents are preventing you from understanding.

In vain we have worshipped Jesus, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men: for out of the ignorance of our hearts, our mouths speak.

These teachings have been hidden from the wise scholars and the religious leaders; only revealed to the child-like, the meek and lowly of heart.

Our hearts are sick with evil: for out of the hearts (the souls) of men comes evil thoughts, murders, adulters, fornications, thefts, greed, false witness, blasphemies. Come and learn how to heal thyself - to become whole once again.

The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; freely you have received, freely give.

Remember: Entrance to Other Earth isn't in knowing and telling, but in doing and becoming. Except you be Converted and Become like a humble little child, you cannot enter Other Earth.

Whosoever does the will of their Father, the living God, the same are the brothers and sisters of Jesus.

This is not religion. Religion is of this world. Why has Jesus' teachings of Other Earth been combined with the Hebrew Scriptures and called The Bible? . . . why wasn't it called Jesus' Teachings?

Who has sowed those tares in with his wheat? The Bible has many errors and conflicting statements. Who hath switched the words to change the meanings? The book of Revelation can show you the beginning of the scriptures' corruption, read Revelation 1:11 to 3:22 and see that it was the churches (examining the historical archives can reveal the rest).

Why do we continue to allow ourselves to be defiled by thie religions of this world? The Bible has been corrupted because men with various motives wrote it, not God. Many men throughout its history have re-written statements in the Bible for their own purposes; again historical research can reveal this to you.

The god of this world has inspired these things. Certainly you know that the schemes of the Adversary are not few and that the tricks that he has are varied. For God does not need to put any man to the test: God knows all things before they happen, and God knows the hidden things. Nonetheless, the wheat and the tares have both been left to grow together until now, the end time.

Herein is revealed, once again, the knowledge of Other Earth and how to get there. Yes the end time is at hand and Jesus' teachings of Other Earth are made straight.

Jesus was not anyone's descendant, rather he came from the Other Earth. He came down into this world of the dead, rich in knowledge and having a unique understanding that was given to him from above. It is by knowledge that he returned home to Other Earth. Those who are ignorant (lack the knowledge) continue to go about this world in darkness. For how can a man understand without knowledge?

These are the teachings of Other Earth, the same teachings Jesus brought two millennium ago and were hidden in the Bible, hidden in plain sight. Jesus came from Other Earth, brought these teachings, and returned home. Now, just as foretold by Jesus, and as recorded in the New Testament book The Revelation of St. John the Divine, the time of the end is at hand. Yes here are Jesus' teachings of Other Earth revealed for all the world to see.

These teachings of Other Earth are not for everyone; never have been, and never will be. These teachings are for those people who are ready to see. That is why Jesus kept asking the question, "Why is it seeing you cannot see, and hearing you cannot hear?"  Like two companions standing on a high hilltop, and the one companion saying, "Look at the deer down there in the meadow," and the other companion saying, "Where? I don't see it." because he was looking in the wrong meadow.

If this world had understood the teachings of Jesus the law would have been mercy, and not revenge (an eye for an eye); there would have been kindness, and not hatred; there would have been understanding, and not judgment; there would have been sharing, and not greed. But that can never be, for that is not the purpose of this world.

There are many of us who have made many journeys here but have made no progress towards Other Earth. Those who believe that they will die first and then rise are in error. If we do not first receive the knowledge, and secondly apply it to ourselves, when the body dies we will not return home.

Accept nothing on "blind faith". Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.

Everyone is born blind. Remove the veil of forgetfulness that this world has pulled over your eyes. Jesus' teachings always did pertain to the Other Earth. He came here to acquaint the people of this world with the Other Earth and advise us how to prepare ourselves for life on Other Earth.

Why do we continue to walk in the ways that our ancestors walked in, serving and worshipping the same idols and believing the same superstitions? Where is that Peace which passes all understanding?

Take courage and walk away from those superstitions. Learn about this world and all its religions. It's all about earthly money, power and control. Stop letting your guiding light be those stories, fables, superstitions and man-made religious beliefs handed down from generation to generation. After all, if we're not in Heaven - Why aren't we there?

Do you really think that your passport through the gateway of death to Heaven (Other Earth) is by a membership card of some denomination, believing on the name of Jesus, a mark on the forehead or the hand, or redemption in any other such manner? Why do you cling to the name of a dead man thinking that you will receive the resurrection because you believed in a name? Jesus says in Luke 6:46, "And why call ye me, Rabbi, Rabbi, and do not the things which I say?" Redemption is not in "believing", but in doing and becoming (change).

Yes how can we receive the kingdom of heaven? For unless we receive it through knowledge, how will we be able to find it? Reading Jesus' words as recorded in Luke 16:26, "And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence." (Re-read and think about what Jesus is saying here.)

Many things are believed among this world's people, even as they are refined by scholar after scholar as if they had a perfect understanding, and then some new discovery comes along and throws the expert community into a tizzy as they seek to maintain their air of superiority and control by trying to prevent the coming change.

People are seeking this knowledge, but many more are not, and many will try to stop its proliferation. In every generation few are able to understand Jesus' teachings of Other Earth; and fewer still have found them. However, all eventually will reach a time when they are ready for Other Earth. The salvation of all people, in time, is to be accomplished.

And that is the crux of the matter. You are ready and can understand, or you are not yet ready and so cannot understand. And so this is the job at hand - to find the ready and help the others to see.

The fields are always ready to be harvested, but there are too few laborers. Read, Learn, Apply to yourself, and Change. Then follow the example of Jesus and be a source of knowledge for all our fellow men, women and children.

Worry not that many will revile you, persecute you, and say all manner of evil things against you for they have done the same things to all the messengers since the beginning of time. Yes beware of those who are not ready, for they cannot understand because they are of this world and they continue to follow the ignorant works of their ancestors. For if they do not understand, it is because they do not have the capacity to understand and in no way can they be persuaded. Keep this saying of Jesus in mind, reading John 15:18, "If the world hates you, know that it hated me before it hated you."

Blessed are they who understand, change, and join in finding those who are ready.

You will shortly read, learn, apply these teachings of Jesus to yourself, and start to become born again. So give your findings to others, for many are searching the scriptures but cannot come to the understanding thereof. There are many more people seeking this knowledge than there are people to bring it to them. In fact, he who is really free through knowledge is a slave because of his love for those who have not yet been able to attain to that understanding.

The deaf and blind join with their own kind. Swine breed swine. A man begets a man. A heavenly Father brings forth a heavenly Son. It is not possible for anyone to see anything of the things that actually exist, unless he becomes like them. Become like those who are not, that you may be with those who are not.

The human being has intercourse with the human being. The horse has intercourse with the horse and the ass with the ass. Members of a race associate with those like themselves. If you are born a human being, it is the human being who will love you. If you become born again, you will become one of those who belong above, and those above will join with you.

Yes, we are the captains of our ship of life. We can steer ourselves into the calm waters of knowledge, understanding, change and peace or we can, by our fleshly desires, continue to travel in the direction of material wealth, earthly rewards - and have to leave it all behind. We have no excuse. We have been given a lifetime to learn and apply this knowledge. Let us not wait until the eleventh hour before we begin to think of how and where we will spend eternity. You alone must choose between this earth and the Other Earth; the resulting choice of which will take you to Other Earth or leave you behind.

Understanding comes to those who have knowledge.

Yes the message of Other Earth and how to get there has been revealed again; not to bring peace to this world, nay, for this world has been created this way for a purpose, but every so often the wheat has to be separated from the chaff; to separate the teachings of Other Earth from the religions of this world. And after a season, the teachings become corrupted such that they need be separated again; to bring right knowledge and understanding to those who have made themselves ready by their seeking.

This is the teaching of Other Earth. Many have wanted to leave this world for quite some time, but the way has become lost. Herein is the way to Other Earth, just as Jesus taught two thousand years ago.

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