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From the beginning of man's journey to discover the mystery surrounding himself, when he recognized he was more than just another beast of the field, he has believed, in every successive generation, that he is the soul. And why wouldn't man believe this, all religions and spiritual teachings teach this. And so with soul being the prevailing belief, the logical conclusion of the semi-conscious mind is that it is the soul.

Yes with no other knowledge to work with, across the sands of time, in one form or another, each religion has preached that the spiritual being inside the physical is the soul.

Then when it looked like man wouldn't figure out the proper relationship of his design, Jesus came into the physical and taught that man wasn't the soul, that the spiritual being inside the human form is mind. Jesus taught that all evil comes from the soul of good and evil. He taught that the soul is controlling us and showed us what to look for and what to do to prove this to ourselves.

Those who came to understand the proper relationship knew that the souls of men would try to destory this knowledge. And so they compiled the scrolls to conceal the teactings of Jesus, so they would pass through to the end time: the time of the end of religion's (soul's) rule over mankind.

Do not spend your time reading this information over and over again to see if your soul will agree, it won't. Use your mind and apply this knowledge to yourself to gain recognition of your own make up. In a very short time of applying this knowledge to yourself, you will not only come to understand, but you will begin to take control of your life for the very first time.

The bottom line is, and the annals of history prove this, that our concept of soul being ourself has kept us from evolving beyond our soul's evil and moving onto the Other Earth. And so long as we follow one of these "soul-is-me" religions, we will not return home.

We must be able to consider this hypothesis to be true if only from a scientific analysis of thought: that if we keep doing the same thing, we are going to keep getting the same result. We keep saying we are soul, and nothing evolves except technology.

Communication is the key element of learning. If one does not communicate what he or she knows, others cannot grow. In this the end time, the fields are ready to be sown, so spread this knowledge to those you meet. Do not try to convince, just give them this web address.

The problem with this knowledge is: How can one understand when there has been no prior learning? Plus our souls contents are telling our minds the exact opposite. So how can one understand something that is alien to the thoughts we have been given?

One way is not to read words you don't fully understand. Thus a link to a dictionary has been provided in the menu >>> to the right of your screen. Another tool provided is to look up the passages quoted, read them in the context of what is being said. To this end a link to the King James' version of the Bible see RESOURCES >>> where the words which are attributed to Jesus speaking are in red print. Then use the link to the Strong's Concordance see RESOURCES >>> to seek out other passages containing the words Jesus was using (also research their synonyms).  Seek and you shall find: that is the promise.

Use your mind and think about these things. Resist the whisperings and feelings of soul's memories. Use these RESOURCES to prove things to yourself. Apply this knowledge to yourself and the understanding will follow.

The soul is a living entity which warehouses all the mind's thoughts, conclusions, decisions, observations and perceptions accumulated throughout this lifetime. In this way the mind does not have to go through the laborious process of having to formulate its actions and reactions to the same or similar experiences, time and time again, but they can be recalled quickly from the soul, or can be sent up from soul when stimuli is presented to trigger an action or reaction. Yes the soul-mind interaction takes place at the speed of light, with soul's contents influencing and controlling our thoughts words and actions.

In an unconscious state, such as sleep, the mind is simply a viewer, "along for the ride". In a semi-conscious state, the usual awaken state of man, the mind is a viewer and a thinker. In a conscious state the soul presents its thoughts, feelings, and emotions, except the mind has full control over its actions.

However, if the mind is not taught about the soul and how it operates, how can it ever "recognize" soul's workings and take control? So if there is no knowledge of the soul and its workings, then there can be no awareness and the mind remains in a semi-conscious state, more or less controlled by the contents of that soul.

In the beginning Adam & Eve were on Other Earth until they were cast out and came under the control of their earthly souls: the soul's good and evil. Just like the Apostles were being controlled by the religion of soul being the self until Jesus came and gave them the knowledge of Soul's good and evil, from which the proper understanding evolved (the Tree of Life).

The problem in life is this: The mind was designed to be good and so the mind when fully conscious CAN discern right from wrong. However, the soul has us in a semi-conscious state where its control can exert such a strong influence that we sometimes follow its evil. Thus the age old cry - "The devil made me do it."  All people who have performed evil will tell you that a voice told them to do it. This is soul's voice in their head - the same voice down through the ages that men have listened to and believed God was talking to them.

Yes the soul has both the good and evil from our life's experiences: what we have seen, read, watched and created with its power of imagination. However the soul does not discern right from wrong, that decision is for us, the mind. In the dream state, the unconscious state, the soul has full control over the mind and the mind is along for the ride. In the semi-conscious state, the usual state of man, there is a combination of going along and being in control. And therein all problems of the human nature arise.

As our soul receives incoming stimuli from the physical environment it sends commands to the semi-conscious mind causing us to act and react with its good and evil thoughts. If the mind is fully conscious, soul aware, it selects the good over the evil everytime. But if the mind is semi-conscious, it can, and does make the wrong choices . . . and we mutter to ourselves, "I should have listened to my first hunch."

From learning about our own soul-mind relationship, we can begin to realize how other souls around us influence and control our thoughts, words and actions. By listening to and observing the thoughts and emotions of others, we can catch our souls reacting and prevent ourselves from getting dragged into their negative experiences or our souls from becoming infected with their wrong thoughts. This is what happens to people who like reading books and watching TV, they like to experience life through other people's experiences instead of using the time to have their own personal experiences. By doing this, books and TV fill their souls with more thoughts which can be used to control them for good or evil.

The design of soul is for survival. The mind is eternal and does not have this instinct (all instincts are of soul). The soul has been designed to survive and continue, an instinct of which is procreation of the species so it can continue to inhabit man. For without the human form, there is no place for the soul to grow and become all powerful because there is no mind to inhabit the human form and feed it.

ALL feelings come from the soul and are learned emotions, which, once again, serve to control the mind and cause it to behave in a predictable manner. Compound a thought with two or more strong emotions and the mind can race out of control even to a destructive end.

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