"The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven"

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."

WISE MEN (Matthew 2:1-12) . . . . . . .LISTEN & WATCH - or READ down below.

WISE MEN have knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom, and in visions and dreams; 10 times better than magicians and astrologers (Dan 1:17-20).

The Wise Men were of Babylon of old. Daniel was a 'Wise Men', in fact, Daniel was "the greatest Wise Men" in Babylon: whereby Daniel stopped King Nebuchadnezzar from killing ALL the Wise Men, saying, "Don't kill the Wise Men; I will tell the King the meaning of his dreams." And subsequently the King appointed Daniel as 'Chief of The Governors' over ALL the Wise Men of Babylon (Dan 2:48). [Side: Later when the Medes & Persians conquered Babylon, they established a new hereditary priesthood of Wise Men, and Darrius the Great appointed Daniel to carry on as Master of the Magicians.

As the Greatest Wise Men ever, with the new title of Master of the Magicians, Daniel imparted his knowledge and wisdom to the Magi, especially his prophecy of the coming King who would be born among the Jews: 490 being the number of years before Jesus would appear in the flesh. This was a prophecy given to Daniel by Gabriel, and thus the Wise Men were awaiting the Great Event: they had seen his Star (angel) in the east and travelled to Jerusalem to worship Jesus (Mtt 2:2). [Side: did Daniel pass down the treasures he received from the Kings?]

Apparently the Wise Men from the east didn't follow the Hebrew religion because they did not have the writings of the prophet Micah (5:2) that says the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Just as apparently the Jewish Wise Men and religious leaders did not see Jesus' Star appear, nor did they seem to be aware of Daniel's prophecy. [Side: Could this be why Jesus is calling out the religion of the Jews in John 8:44? Remember: the people are Hebrews, their religion is Judaism.}

Apparently, if God spoke to the Wise Men in a dream, they must have been highly spiritual men of great purity, and definitely were in possession of extraordinary knowledge on how to communicate with God.

Jesus was about 9 months old when the Wise Men arrived at his house in Bethlehem, bringing treasure boxes of gold and frankincense and myrrh. [Side: Why would Wise Men bring myrrh to a new born child? - myrrh is an embalming oil.] They came from the Parthian Empire, hundreds of miles away: do you really think that only 3 men, with a fortune, would travel all that way alone? And why did they travel all that way - "to fall down and worship Jesus" (Mtt 2:11). Their part in the Great Event was to supply the gold, frankincense and myrrh for Jesus' upbringing, protection, ministry and burial.

Again, Bethlehem being south of Jerusalem, "the Star they saw in the east" appeared again and "went before them till it came and stood over where the young child was" (Mtt 2:9).

The Wise Men were neither astronomers, astrologers, nor magicians, they were Wise Men like Daniel, the Greatest Wise Men ever, even 500 years later. The Wise Men communicated with God and the Heavenly Host. [Side: God is not the God of the Hebrews; God is the God of ALL.] The Wise Men were warned by Gabriel in a dream to return home another way than the way they came. (Mtt 2:12) Do you not think that the Wise Men would have told Mary about their dream? All the Wise Men had the same dream?

The Wise Men did not just visit Jesus, "they worshipped him". Highly spiritual men, well educated, not Hebrews, travelling hundreds of miles, falling down and worshipping a little Hebrew boy in a simple hut? Jesus is Divine: for only such a one would be worshipped . . . and without divine intervention, the Wise Men would not have come to worship Jesus.

Can we imagine from Daniel's time till the time of Jesus, how expanded and perfected the Wise Men's knowledge and wisdom had become after 500 years? [Side: Daniel tells us in Chapter 2, verses 19 and 30, that, "the secret is not 'revealed' by any wisdom Daniel had; the secret was 'revealed' in a night vision" - but not to the Hebrews?]

"That Jesus is the Messiah spoken of in the Jewish scriptures was 'revealed' to Peter by the Father in Heaven" (Mtt 16:17). Jesus likens a 'wise man' as one who builds his house upon a 'rock', the rock of revelation, whereby God communicates via 'revelation' and the Heavenly Host. Reading Deuteronomy 32:4,15 - "God is the Rock of our salvation: and did drink the same spiritual drink; for they drank of that Spiritual Rock, that Rock was Jesus" - Revelation: "The Revelation of Jesus, which God gave unto him, to show his disciples - and he sent and signified it by his angel (Star) unto John." (Rev 1:1)

"Of the Rock that begat thee, thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee." (Deuteronomy 32:18) Do not continue to be deceived, great men of the earth are usually not wise; because the wise man of this world, being only after the flesh, becomes a fool and not many fools are called: "God does not respect any that are wise of heart." (Job 37:24)

Be a wise masterbuilder: "he that keeps Jesus' commandments, because you love him and the Father, Jesus will 'manifest' himself to you." (Jn 14:21). Yes, when you are ready, Jesus will manifest himself to you here in the physical; and when you see him, he need not tell you who he is - you know!  And when he manifests Golgotha, you will feel your heart break and you will cry, and every time you remember the experience, you will cry. "And they remembered that God was their Rock, and THE HIGH GOD their redeemer." (psalms 78:35) "My Father and I are one."

Reading Job 34:10, recalling how perfect Job was - "So listen to me, you men of understanding: it is unthinkable for the True God to act wickedly, for the Almighty to do wrong." So who in the Hell is speaking in Isaiah 45:7, saying, "I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord God do all these things." ???

Just 12 versus: did you realize all that is contained and implied by those 12 versus? How much are you reading and missing in the rest of the Bible? Can you begin to see how things are hidden in plain sight on the pages of the Bible? Reading 2Ti 1:10, Jesus 'abolished death' by bringing the knowledge of Life and its immortality, through the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. (Mk 1:14) And reading Psalms 53:2, "and God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did 'understand', that did SEEK God."

Do you want to become a Wise Men?


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