The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


While we were cast down to the 'side' of the Bottomless Pit (Isa 14:15),
the Trap is located in the center of the Pit.

Egg-shaped Vase

From the outside the Trap looks like the drawing above. Shaped like a vase with an egg-shaped bottom, it is black with light emitting from a random crack-like membrane, the top has an oval opening with gold and silver filaments dancing to a melodious sound emanating from within. The outside of the vase is a kundalini energy membrane, the powerhouse and the outermost boundary of what soul exists inside.

As we learned how to leave the side of the Pit, seeking the way back Home to heaven, we found this Trap out in the center. The glowing light seeping through the cracks in the vase, the dancing filaments and the melodious sound calling out like a siren drew us (a little gold ball) near - Suddenly one of the filaments shot-out and grabbed us and pulled us inside - TRAPPED!!

Filament Capture - Dragged Inside

Once inside we are moved downwards to the Soul Realm where we are encased in a golden bubble called 'soul'. Then we are moved down to the Upper Mental Realm where the soul is given a 'mind' and then moved down to the Lower Mental or Causal Realm where the soul's mind is 'loaded' with certain knowledge and karmic imagery. Next we are moved down to the Upper Astral Realm where we are given a 'light body' so we can then manifest a physical body in the Physical Realm.

Below is a drawing of the Trap and the six Realms of form that are inside. Not To Scale: the drawing is not to scale. All six realms are in the bottom half of the Trap, the Soul Realm being the highest, about the middle of the vase, and in proportion, each Realm is small in comparison to the vastness inside the Trap. Plus the Realms are off-set from each other, all Realms rotating counter-clockwise (looking down from above) with great distances in_between each Realm: the lowest realm, the physical, moving around at 255 km per second.

Six Realms of Form

The top half of the Trap is our original state before being sent downwards, and so, bliss or Nirvana, arriving back into this part of the generator, signals a re-start and you are sent downwards again, starting the whole process of conversion, all over again. We have been inside this Trap for a very, very long time.

There are only three ways out of the Trap: one way is complete surrender to Satan (Satnam); the second way is to leave the Trap and return to the 'side of the Pit' (the way will be shown later); the final way out, which leads back Home to Life in Heaven, is God who put you in the Pit takes you back Home - this being the only 'solution' to seek!

Any of these drawings of the Six Realms of form can be used to access them using the Esoteric secret. This IS how they appear inside the Trap. The trap is 'filled' with deities, gods, angels, devils and demons, and worlds upon worlds within all the Realms, to hold you here forever. However, in the design of the Bottomless Pit the Trap is rather small when compared to the other two containment systems on the opposite sides of the Pit.

Satnam doesn't care if it takes a million lifetimes to break you; in eternity there is no time. Unless you learn of the other way out of this Trap and back to the side of the Pit, you are going nowhere - unless God takes you out. Some of us have spent thousands of lifetimes trying to find the way out, believing that the way in is also the way out, but to no avail, it's only an entrance; the energy barrier that we passed through on the way in, prevents our escape; and even if we did get out this way, a filament would drag us back in.