The Way Back to Eternal Life in Heaven

"Salvation is by the Way of Righteousness."


We have followed countless religions, spiritual and occult teachings for many lifetimes, searching for the way back Home, and we are still here. Deceptions have foiled our efforts, in a multitude of forms, all claiming to be the way to salvation, but they were only philosophical concepts, phenomena at best.

We have been tricked into reading and listening to other peoples' experiences, as if they were our own; literally we believe and live through other peoples' experiences. We "think" we can imagine the reality of the other person's experience, based on past memories already accepted into our personal belief system, thus believing we know the truth, whereas in reality we have not experienced the things we "believe" and hold as true: in other words we are imagining and experiencing a self-created idea or ideal that we are validating as true without any personal experience of our own.

You are not fully prepare for this. Welcome to the physical world, a world of pain and suffering where the whole of creation moans and groans in the afflictions of death, disease, decay and destruction, and pseudo-good presents many illusions of happiness, as if happiness comes from some outer sense stimuli: the temporary happiness eventually wanes, leaving one feeling low, empty or even depressed because the illusion of happiness has run its course (played-out).

In the beginning we were living on another world, on another earth (heaven). Billions of us lived there in peace and harmony; all our needs and wants available. We worshipped God The Creator, just as man does here on this earth, and like man does here, we received "revelations" from God; and also like man, we had never "seen" God.

In heaven, like here on earth, certain of us have greater abilities (powers) than others, with one being that greatly surpasses all the others in power, beauty and the ability to receive "revelations" from God: this being's name is Satnam (a.k.a. Satan). Satnam would receive revelations from God, and would give that knowledge to Michael, who would broadcast the information throughout heaven.

Satnam knew that his abilities (powers) were far greater than any other being or group of beings, and so, eventually, never "seeing" God, Satnam began to "doubt" and selfish thoughts began formulating in his mind. Then came a "coup", and Satnam with a third of the beings (angels) rebelled to take over heaven. As the hoard fought across the sea of glass, to seize the Throne of God - instantly - yes instantly they were all frozen in their tracks, and God cast them all down to the side of the "container", the Bottomless Pit. At that moment, EVERYONE KNEW, that a higher power exists: "proof of God" was realized by ALL.

On the side of the Pit, the fallen angels, led by Satnam, have used their abilities to develop a highly technological society beyond our imagination, but part of.

Back on other earth, heaven, life went on as usual, except a new being sits on the Throne of God - Jesus - who works with all beings to bring us back Home from the Pit. [F.Y.I. Gabriel is the being who brings communications from heaven to us here on this earth.]

Satnam knew that eventually some of the fallen angels would regret their choice to follow him, and would want to return Home to heaven; that we would eventually develop the 'know-how' of how to leave our "prison bodies" (black silhouette bodies) and exit the side of the Pit, in search of the way back Home. And so Satnam left the side of the Pit, went out into the twilight void of the Pit, and built a TRAP.

When we finally learned how to separate from our prison body, as a little gold ball, and learned where to exit the side of the Pit, we saw this egg-shaped linga, glistening and undulating in rhythm. The Trap has a circular opening at the top which emits light and, silver and gold streamers - like ribbons swaying and dancing to the most enchanting melody, intoxicating and enticing us closer. We approached to take a closer look, and as we came into range, one of the "ribbons" shot-out like a tentacle - grabbed us - and dragged us inside: TRAPPED!!!

This egg-shaped linga is a perfect trap; a virtual reality fluid kundalini field energy generator, generating all kinds of deceptions to hold us here. Inside there are six (6) worlds of form, with immense spaces and distances between each world. Looking down from the top of the Trap, the six worlds are rotating counter-clockwise, offset from one another (not in a straight line). This makes travelling from world to world almost impossible, and to further confuse things, the worlds are disguised as "mountains". In fact, the deceptions are so great, most people never leave the physical world or the twilight of the lower astral world, which also interpenetrates the physical, through the astral bodies of us. [F.Y.I. Looking down from above, this earth's North Pole is on the bottom.]

While most people are earth bound and lower astral confined, a few people reach the upper astral world, but seldom does anyone travel higher as the deception of the upper astral is so beautiful and heaven-like, and the LOVE, the Love that pours out of the upper astral mountain as one approaches, is a LOVE you have never experienced, nor can words describe that "love experience". [When you have the experience of seeing the upper astral, a great mountain of beautiful light, you will understand that LOVE which cannot be communicated by words: it's all part of the deception.]

Above the upper astral we encounter the causal world, and then the mental world and finally the highest world of form, the world of souls (little golden bubbles), the soul world is where we started our incarceration after we were dragged into the Trap. [F.Y.I. Inside the Trap, all six (6) worlds of form appear as mountains.]

Once inside the Trap, we were moved down to the world of souls, where we (little gold balls) were connected to a golden bubble, called soul. Then we were moved down to the mental world where the soul body was given a mind: from here we were moved to the causal world where the mind of the soul is loaded with various karmic imagery of light and sound (karma) to start the mind of the soul functioning. Then we were moved down to the upper astral where we were given a sheath, a light body which allows us to enter into and function through a physical body in this physical world. Lifetime after lifetime, incarnation after incarnation, the mind of the soul has been loaded with all kinds of truths and lies to confound and confuse. [F.Y.I. Ever since we were dragged into this Trap, we have been searching for a way out, but the deception has been that the way out is not the same as the way into the Trap.]

Now let's reveal the purpose of the Trap: Satnam knew that we would eventually want to return Home; that we would discover how to exit the side of the Pit, looking for the way back Home. To this end, Satnam built the Trap to capture any who wanted to leave the Pit and return to heaven (LIFO); and so the Trap was built - a nightmare cloaked in "pseudo-good", a nightmare of pain and suffering whereby lifetime after lifetime we are slowly "conditioned" to surrender to Satnam; we eventually call out (knowingly, to Satnam) to save us from this living hell: thus and thereby Satnam deceives us back into following and worshiping him.

The entire Trap and its design is one of deception; it's a labyrinth of deceptions designed to hold us, condition us, and make us followers of Satnam, of our own free will, once again. There are six worlds of form, concealed as mountains, with many realms inside each mountain. There are angels, gods, goddesses, devils and demons with a host of helpers, a hierarchy of saints, saviours and masters, all working together to create a deception - "just for you", eventually bringing us back to Satnam and the side of the Pit. [BEWARE: 'when you are ready, the Master (not Jesus) appears'.]

So, not only did God banish us to the side of the Bottomless Pit, but Satnam has us trapped inside a fluid kundalini field energy virtual reality generator; six worlds of form, all designed to usurp our free will and condition us into worshipping Satnam as our savior and LORD GOD. The deception works perfectly until one discovers, by personal experience, that we are "trapped" inside an egg-shaped linga trap.

The Trap is so cleverly designed that it can deceive even the very 'elect' that God sends into the Trap to help us: so much so, that eventually God had to send Satan's replacement - JESUS - whom now sits on The Throne of God, down into the Trap, in the Pit, to reveal the truth about who we are (fallen angels), where we came from (origin in heaven), why we are here (rebellion), and what we must do, such that we can eventually be reinstated in our heavenly body, which is standing frozen on the sea of glass, before The Throne of God. (2Corinthians 5:1-4)

Jesus came down from heaven: "God sent him." (John 8:42) Jesus came to show us what we must 'do', such that God, who put us down here in the Pit, can restore us back into our bodies standing in heaven.

We are having an experience of operating through a human mammal that is having an experience in a virtual physical world. Usually, most people are just along for the journey, as their soul has formed a symbiotic relationship with full control over the human to which we are connected. Usually it is the same 'physical experience' that triggers our awareness of - "there must be more to life than this" - and then the awareness (us) starts thinking outside soul's dominating physical thoughts and starts catching glimpses of other worldly entities and associated phenomena.

To those who are seeking "proof", the Grand Design will be revealed herein, along with "how to" exit the Trap, how to return to the side of the Pit and our black silhouette bodies (which house our heavenly little gold ball of God's mind energy while in the Pit). Should you also wish to 'visit' back Home, the way out of the Bottomless Pit, and pass the Guardian into heaven and other earth is revealed herein so you can prove the truth to yourself. [F.Y.I. The same way Satan uses to travel back and forth to heaven. (Job 1:6 ; 2:1)]

Do Not Be Deceived: God put us here and only God can bring us back Home to other earth in heaven. Jesus is the way shower: "do" what Jesus says, and you will be where he is - that is the promise.